How to Get Income Based Apartments

How to Get Income Based Apartments
You might qualify to move into an income-based apartment.

Step 1

Visit the HUD homepage ( and click the “Search for an Affordable Apartment” link midway down the page under the “I Want To” section on the left.

Step 2

Select the state in which you live from the drop-down list on the page and click the “Next” button.

Step 3

Complete the Affordable Apartment Search form. Select the city, county or ZIP code from the appropriate drop-down list. If you know the name of a specific apartment property you wish to inquire about, type it in the text box labeled “Enter the Name of Property.”

Step 4

Choose the type of apartment you need from the drop-down list under “Specify the Apartment Type,” such as “Disabled,” “Elderly,” “Family” or “Health Care.”

Step 5

Place a check mark next to the number of bedrooms you need and click the “Next” button to continue.

Step 6

Browse through the search results. If you receive a message stating that no properties met your criteria, click the “Please Try Again” link to go back and revise your criteria. If you searched via city the first time, try searching by another city or by county, for example.

Step 7

Make note of any apartments you wish to inquire about. The website provides information including community name, address, phone number and program contact details. Some listings offer an email address.

Step 8

Call the number or email the address listed in the “Contact” field next to the property you are interested in to gain more details, such as availability, income restrictions, requirements and current rental rates.