How to Find a Credit Card Balance

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If you have a balance on a credit card, there are several ways to access your account to find your balance. It's always a good idea to periodically check your balance to make sure the information is accurate. Sometimes unauthorized charges can appear on your account and you must take the necessary steps to dispute them. When you want to check on your credit card balance, choose the method that allows you to do so efficiently and effectively.


Step 1

Determine which method you will use to access your account balance. You can get your account balance from your credit card statement, which is received on a monthly basis. A credit card balance can also be accessed online. You can also call the customer service department at the credit card company, or check your paper account statement. Any purchases made after the statement closing date will not be included on your most recent paper statement, which is mailed the day after the closing date.

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Step 2

Call the credit card company's customer service department. You can find the toll-free number on the back of your credit card or on your monthly statement. Speak to a representative and ask for your credit card balance. Even if you made purchases the same day, the customer service representative will be able to provide you with a balance that reflects all purchases. You can also find out when your new statement will be mailed, which will include new charges. The customer service representative can also review the last charges on your account and provide you with information about your interest rate. The customer service department can also let you know if any payments have been received recently, which will affect the outstanding balance.


Step 3

Check your account online. To get your balance, you will need to register with your credit card company's online service. Get a user name and password. Once you register and sign in, your credit card balance will be readily available whenever you need it. Accessing your credit card balance online also captures your recent charges and purchases. Any purchases you make are available to see immediately. If you are having trouble accessing your account online, you can always choose another method.