How to Use PayPal at an ATM

Your PayPal card might not be accepted at ATMs outside the United States.
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You can withdraw money from your PayPal account at an ATM with either the PayPal MasterCard debit card or the PayPal Prepaid MasterCard. You must meet certain eligibility criteria to get approved for the debit card. Both cards have limits on the amount of money you can withdraw, and you might incur fees each time you make a withdrawal.


Debit Card Eligibility Criteria

Your PayPal MasterCard debit card allows you to make purchases and withdraw money from your PayPal account at an ATM. You can also set up your checking account as a backup source of funds. To request a debit card, you must meet the following criteria:


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Active PayPal premier or business account holder in good standing in the United States Received at least $500 in payments to your business account from customers or clients during the last 12 months Confirmed street address by linking a credit card with the address to your account Completed PayPal identify verification by providing your Social Security number, birth date and address


Apply for the PayPal MasterCard Debit Card

You can apply for a PayPal debit card online. After PayPal approves your application, it takes two to four weeks to receive the card. When you receive the card, activate it and assign a four-digit personal identification number to use at the ATM. As of publication, the most you can withdraw is $400 a day, and the most you can charge is $3,000 a day. The card is free and you can enroll in PayPal Preferred to get 1 percent cash back when you use your card as credit instead of debit.


PayPal Prepaid MasterCard

If you don't qualify for a PayPal debit card, you can request a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard online or purchase one at a retail store. After you receive your card and activate it, you can transfer money instantly from your PayPal account to the card, deposit money through direct deposit or reload it with cash at a reload center. You can use the card as a regular MasterCard charge card provided you have enough money in your account to cover your purchases or withdrawals. Some merchants give up to 5 percent in cash back rewards, and you can check your balance and receive account alerts through your smartphone.


Withdrawing Money with the Prepaid Card

Your PayPal Prepaid MasterCard lets you withdraw money at any ATM in the MasterCard, Cirrus or Pulse networks in the United States. Most ATMs charge a fee for you to withdraw money. If you withdraw money at an Allpoint Network ATM in the U.S., PayPal does not charge a fee; otherwise PayPal charges $1.95 per withdrawal. You can make up to six withdrawals in a 24-hour period. The most you can withdraw in a single withdrawal is $325 as of publication, and the most you can withdraw in a day is $400.


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