How to Live Without Money

Living without money can be a challenge. Whether you are forced to forgo an income or you want to simplify your life, there are ways to survive without a job, cash, credit cards, a mortgage or a bank account. Be prepared to sacrifice many things that are not necessary to your survival – but this choice doesn't have to be about suffering. Also, you may find others in similar situations. In that case, making friends and relying on each other is one fallout from living without money.


Step 1

Visit your nearest library and sign up for a free library card. Use it to access the Internet there to create a free email address and find sites that connect people willing to barter their skills and goods.

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Step 2

Sign up at a homeless shelter for a place to sleep and shower. You can offer to work there during the day or volunteer where needed. Alternatively, use your free membership on the bartering site to find someone to trade a house or room for rent in exchange for services, such as cooking, housecleaning or performing repairs. Post an ad on a free site for housesitting services and live for free in people's homes when they travel or need a watchful eye on property they do not occupy year round.


Step 3

Offer to grow a garden on someone's land in exchange for sharing what you harvest. Or volunteer to tend someone's existing garden for a share in the produce. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, restaurant or grocery store and ask for food and meals.

Step 4

Log on to your bartering website or one that advertises items for free and look for a bicycle to use for transportation. Use the free transit bus system, if one is offered in your areas.

Step 5

Trade your skills for items such as clothing, meals and shelter. If you have mechanical, carpentry, sewing, writing, artistic, musical or any other ability that someone else needs, post it on the bartering site or offer a trade in person for a necessary item.


Step 6

Look for discarded Sunday newspapers in coffee shops and other places. Scour the coupons and ads for free items, such as food and personal hygiene products. Also, use online sources to find free products. Ask friends if you can have them delivered to their houses in exchange for some yard work.

Step 7

Find others willing to barter with you regularly as you establish your contacts and sources in your community. This way, you always will have supply of what you need and others will receive services for free on a regular basis.


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