How to Find a Tax ID Number for a Contractor

If you're self-employed, finding your employer identification, or EIN, is easy. The EIN is the number that the IRS assigns you to identify your business, even if you are a contractor or sole proprietor. Whether you already have an EIN assigned to you and simply cannot find it or you need a new EIN so you can file next year's taxes, complete both actions simply and efficiently with the help of the IRS.

Getting a New Tax ID Number (EIN)

Step 1

Visit the IRS website at From the main page, click the "Apply for a New Employer Identification (EIN) Number Online" link, which is located on the bottom left of the screen in the "Online Services" menu.

Step 2

Read through the information about obtaining you new EIN. When you've finished, click on the blue "Apply Online Now" link at the bottom of the page, just above the "References/Related Topics" menu.

Step 3

Read the important information regarding your business and the EIN application on the next page. When you're finished, click the large, gray "Begin Application" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

On the following page, choose the type of business in which you consider yourself a contractor.A self-employed individual or independent contractor is considered a "sole proprietor."

Step 5

Continue to fill out the required information, such as your name, address and Social Security number. When you've finished, review your information to ensure accuracy and click "submit application."

Your new EIN will be displayed on the screen. Print this page for your records and keep it in a safe place.

Once you receive your new EIN, it is ready to be used immediately.

Retrieving a Lost EIN

Step 1

Check your records. If you've lost your EIN or simply can't recall it off the top of your head, refer to any business documents that you may have on hand. Good examples include business bank statements, business credit card bills, last year's tax return or any correspondence regarding your business that you may have received from the IRS regarding your business.

Your EIN will be printed on all of these documents.

Step 2

If you cannot locate the EIN in your records, call the IRS to obtain your EIN over the phone. Call the Business and Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933 between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. local time on business days.

Step 3

Provide special information to the IRS representative to prove your identity; the representative will give you your EIN over the phone.