How to Change Your Address & Name on a Tax ID

Make address or name changes with both IRS and the SSA.

A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is used by the Internal Revenue Service and issued either by the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the IRS. There are myriad reasons for people to change their names or addresses. The most common are due to marriage and divorce. You may also need to change the name and location of your business due to new management or expansion. If you change your name and address for business or personal reasons, you should notify the IRS.


Step 1

Make an appointment at your local Social Security Administration office. You will want to go here first in order to make sure that your name matches the name on your IRS tax return. The SSA office actually provides names to the IRS.

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Step 2

File Form SS-5. This form is also available online ( or by calling (800) 772-1213. In general, the change takes about two weeks. This will change the name on your current tax ID; however, it may not change the address.


Step 3

Submit a name and address change for your business through the IRS directly using IRS Form 8822. Write to the address you used too mail your most recent return. Inform IRS that you are changing your address. Send via certified mail to have proof of mailing.


Step 4

Apply for a new Tax ID if the name or address change is a result of bankruptcy, incorporation, partnership or business inheritance. You do not need to apply for a new Tax ID if you changed the name of your business, changed locations or operate from more than one location.



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