How to Fill and File IRS Form 8822

Fill and File IRS Form 8822

How to Fill and File IRS Form 8822. IRS Form 8822, a change-of-address form, updates the IRS on how get in touch with you. Providing current information will ensure that any refunds or notices reach you.


Step 1

Fill out Part I of IRS Form 8822 if you are changing your home address. Fill out Part II if you are changing your business location or mailing address.

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Step 2

Check the applicable boxes under lines 1 and 2 to specify the tax-filing status to which your mailing-address change applies.


Step 3

Enter your name, social-security number and any prior names on lines 3, 4 and 5.

Step 4

Fill out your old address on lines 6a and 6b.

Step 5

Write your new address on line 7. Include your apartment, suite, or room number in the appropriate area on the address line. Use a post-office box number only if your mail is not delivered to a street address.


Step 6

Check the boxes on lines 8, 9 and 10 to which your business-address change applies.


Step 7

Enter your business name, employer-identification number and old mailing address on lines 11a, 11b and 12.


Step 8

Provide your new mailing address and business location on lines 13 and 14.

Step 9

Sign and date Form 8822 and provide your telephone number in Part III. Sign the lower right-hand line, providing your business title if you have changed your business address.

Step 10

Mail your Form 8822 to the address provided on page 2 or on back of the form.


You may change both a personal and business address on a the same 8822 form. It ordinarily takes the IRS 4 to 6 weeks to process changes based on Form 8822. If you have previously filed a joint return, but have recently established a separate address and filing status, file IRS Form 8822 and check the box on the right-hand side to keep your tax issues separate going forward.

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