How to Fill Out a W9 When Married

The spouse listed first on a joint account should sign the W-9.

In many cases, marriage will not affect how you fill out a W-9. IRS form W-9 is a request for taxpayer information, used by anyone who needs to issue you a 1099 form for income you receive apart from employee wages or salary. If the money the W-9 applies to money paid to you as an individual or a business that does not include your spouse, simply fill in the form as if you were single unless your married name differs from that on your tax return.


Step 1

Fill in your personal information exactly as it appears, or will appear, on your tax return. If you're recently married and have not yet changed your name with Social Security, enter your name first and last name as they appear on your Social Security card, and then add your new last name afterward. If the payment applies to both of you, fill in both names in the "Name" field.


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Step 2

Leave the business name blank unless the payment is for a licensed business. If the W-9 is for a business, select the business type that applies.

Step 3

Select "Individual/Sole Proprietor" if the W-9 is not for a business. Selecting "Individual" has no relationship to your marital status for tax purposes.


Step 4

Enter the address shown on your tax return.

Step 5

Enter your Social Security number in the SSN field. If the form is for both you and your spouse, enter the Social Security number of the first person listed on your joint account. Circle the corresponding name in the "Name" field to indicate which partner's number you used.



Step 6

Fill in your business Employer Identification Number only if this applies to your business.

Step 7

Sign the form if you used your own Social Security number. If not, have your spouse sign the W-9.



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