How to Change a Name on a TIN

Notify the IRS if your business name changes.

A taxpayer identification number (TIN) is more commonly referred to as an employer identification number (EIN). If your business name changes you must report the change to the Internal Revenue Service so the change is noted in the IRS's records. Notifying the IRS will change the name on your EIN and your other tax information, which means you will begin receiving tax papers in your business' new name.There are only two ways of notifying the IRS of your business name change; on your income tax return or by mailing a letter to the IRS.


Step 1

Notify the Internal Revenue Service of your business name change; the process is the same for all Sole Proprietorships, Corporations and Partnerships so long as a tax return has already been filed for the year.

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Step 2

Compose a letter to the IRS stating your business's former name, the new name and your employer identification number as well as the date of the name change. Name change letters for Sole Proprietorships must be signed by the business owner or authorized business representative, a corporate officer of a Corporation or a partner of a Partnership.


Step 3

Mail your letter to the IRS address where you file your business income tax return.


Corporations that have not yet filed an income tax return for the year can note the business name change on form 1120 on line E box three and on form 1120S on line H box two in lieu of writing a letter. Partnerships that have yet to file a tax return can note the business name change on form 1065 line G box three in lieu of writing a letter.



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