How to Use Excel for W-2 Form Printing

How to Use Excel for W-2 Form Printing. Operating a small business has many responsibilities from employee management to customer service. Organizing and assembling tax information for the business can be an especially time consuming process. To make tax time easier you can use Microsoft Excel for W2 form printing.


Step 1

Assemble all the necessary tax information for each employee. All the information required is available on the Internal Revenue Service website. See the Resources section below for more information.

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Step 2

Locate and Download the Microsoft Office W2 template from the Microsoft website (see Resouces). Once at the W2 template click on the "Download" button to initiate template installation.


Step 3

Install the Microsoft Excel W2 template file. After clicking on the download, chose "Install" to begin the template installation. You have to "Enable Scripts" if you are using pop-up blocker or Internet security software. To do this, right-click on the warning instruction and enable the installation.


Step 4

Open the W2 Excel form in Microsoft Office. Click on "Start" from the main operating system menu. Then choose "Programs" or "All Programs" from the start menu. Next, select "Microsoft Office" from the programs menu. Now choose "Microsoft Excel" from the Microsoft office menu. Finally click "New" from the main file menu of Microsoft Excel, select "Installed Templates", and choose the "W2" template.


Step 5

Fill out the W2 template with information assembled in Step 1. Then select "Print" from the mail file menu.




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