How to Recover HR Taxcut Missing a File Header

H&R Block's Tax Cut is tax preparation software that replaces the need for a paper return.

H&R Block's TaxCut software is tax preparation software you can use to compute and file your federal and state taxes. The interview-style application takes the guesswork out of your tax preparation; the software even performs the calculations for you, so there's less chance for errors to creep into your return. Sometimes, when you attempt to open a saved return, you might receive a message that the system is unable to locate the file header block. The solution involves recovering the back-up file data or, alternatively, recreating the data.


Step 1

Close Tax Cut.

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Step 2

Locate the backup *.TXX file where XX is the tax year. For example, a backup for the 2012 tax year is labeled with the file extension ".T12." Open the file by double-clicking it. The file will open in Tax Cut.


Step 3

Click "File" and then click "Save As."

Step 4

Click "Browse" and then click "My Documents / HRBlock." This may be labeled "My Documents / Taxcut" in versions of TaxCut prior to 2009. Tax Cut works for all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Vista.


Step 5

Click "Save." Your file is now restored.


If you don't know where the backup file is located, perform a search on your computer for file extension *.TXX.


If you can't locate your backup program, the only solution is to recreate your data from scratch.

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