How to Get Grants & Financial Help For Widowed Mothers

Financial help is available for widowed mothers.

Grants and financial help for widowed women with children are available to help pay for rent/mortgage, food, counseling, utilities, college and child care. Agencies such as the department of Social Security, the housing authority, department of economic security, family services, and the health department oversee government grant money used for such purposes. Foundation grant assistance is also available for qualifying families.


Step 1

Get proof of individual income, if you as the widow work or receive other sources of income. You must make all proof available as needed, including copies of your tax returns for the preceding two years.

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Step 2

Make a copy of your late husband's death records. This is necessary to show the agency that you are indeed his widow, in case this is the main way you can qualify. Marriage records may also be needed.


Step 3

Gather copies of birth certificates and Social Security numbers for all family members. When visiting an agency, take the hard copies with you. Some agencies may require agents to sign off on seeing the actual document.

Step 4

Gather life insurance information that your late husband had. If you have received money from an insurance policy or any other policy or anticipate a payout, bring that information.



Step 5

Develop a list of debt and equity. Debt could be a mortgage payment or ongoing expenses such as utilities. Equity could be a business you own or a house. Make a list of things for which you need help. This will help advisers know where to start looking for grants and other financial assistance.


Grants and financial help are also available for widows of police officers, firefighters, union workers, or military members.

Most grants will be paid to the service provider, not the grant recipient.

If children have a disability, bring a doctor-signed diagnosis. Additional ongoing help may be available to help a child with a disability who lost a parent.