How to Get Paid for Vehicle Wrap Advertising

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Renting your vehicle out as a rolling advertisement may not offer the road to riches, but it can supply a decent bit of monthly income. The requirements vary with the agency engaging you, but at a minimum you'll need a clean driving record and a decent amount of daily driving in a high-density area.


Check for Driving Demerits

Request a copy of your driving record from the appropriate state agency. Many states offer this service online for a nominal fee. Agencies that handle wrap advertising will only hire you if have no moving violations within a specified time frame, usually two years. Get any needed repairs done before you apply since the car has to be in good driving condition. You may be required to install a GPS device, meaning your client wants to verify how many miles you drive a month.


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Find the Agency

LookBook, Redbooks or are among the directories where you can find advertising or marketing agencies that handle wrap ad clients. The listings will mention the various media the agency deploys. Ask for references and a physical address from each one you contact. There are websites that promise to serve as agents in this search, but don't use their forms or applications, and don't under any circumstances send them money. Look for active agencies that will pay you directly and don't require any kind of registration fee.


Complete the Application

Fill out the driver application furnished by the company. You will have to give the year, make and model of your car, your contact information, and your driver's license number for a background check. You may also be required to supply proof of insurance coverage and photographs of your vehicle. The agency may also require a vehicle inspection.



Wrap clients are seeking maximum exposure, so most of these opportunities are concentrated in urban areas with high local traffic. The pay depends on the size of the ad and how long you'll keep the wrap, but rates generally vary from about $50 to $400 a month. The compensation is not always in cash. The Free Gas Help ad program, for example, pays out in fuel if you drive the wrapped car at least 1,000 miles a month.


Final Touches

In most cases, the agency will arrange for the wrap installation and payment with a preferred vendor. The process can take an hour or two. If you've only signed for a window or side decal, you may be asked to apply the material yourself. You must clean and dry the surface, use masking tape to position the decal, then slowly peel it away from its backing so it adheres to the car.



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