How to Sell My Car Using an Auto Broker

A car broker can provide a good location for selling your car.

If you have a car to sell, you could try to sell it yourself. But that means spending money on advertisements and classified ads and letting strangers onto your property to see the vehicle. Many car owners are more comfortable using an auto broker to sell their used cars, since that approach eliminates many of the hassles associated with selling a used car. If you choose to sell your car through a broker, you can sell the car to the dealer directly, or have the broker sell the car for you on consignment.


Step 1

Look up the estimated value of your car in a reliable source such as the Kelley Blue Book. Knowing how much your car is worth is the best way to negotiate a fair price with the broker or determine how much to ask if you decide to sell your car on consignment.

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Step 2

Take your car to several different brokers and ask for a cash price for the vehicle. Compare the offers you receive from each broker.


Step 3

Discuss a fair price for your car with the broker. An experienced auto broker should be able to help you determine a price that is fair and likely to get the car sold fast.

Step 4

Ask each auto broker if he accepts cars to sell on consignment. Many car lots take vehicles and sell them on consignment, with the lot owner receiving a percentage of the purchase price in exchange for providing a well-traveled location and the infrastructure needed to sell the car.



Step 5

Review the consignment paperwork carefully before agreeing to the deal. Note how long the car is allowed to remain on the lot and the percentage of the sale price the broker keeps when the car sells.



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