Welfare Benefits

To qualify for welfare benefits, a person must live under the minimum accepted level of means that is determined by each state. There are numerous programs available that welfare recipients can apply for, but each applicant must meet all of the requirements to use the program. Some of the welfare benefits include cash assistance, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid and vocational rehabilitation services.


A benefit program called TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, is cash assistance that provides income for families where there is no or minimal income. This program is run on the basis of providing income in households so that the elderly, children or other dependents can be cared for. To qualify for the TANF benefit, the head of the household must be working to obtain job training to help them leave the welfare program.

Utlity Bills

There are welfare benefit programs designed to assists low-income families with paying their utilities or energy bills. In cold winter months, heating the home can be very expensive, and families that need assistance contact the welfare department about this program. Depending on the family's need, the benefit will supplement or pay 100 percent of the monthly utility costs.

Food Stamps

The food stamp program is a welfare benefit designed to help low-income families acquire food without having to use other sources of income for groceries. The money the families save on food can be applied toward other necessities. The food stamp program puts restrictions on what food stamps can be used on and who can use them. Food stamps are not to be sold or traded to people not living in the household of the food stamp recipient.

Medicare & Medicaid

Medical assistance known as Medicare and Medicaid is provided to welfare recipients who qualify. This benefit gives medical insurance and coverage to those on welfare who do not have it. Insurance is needed for wellness checks and basic medical care. Some of the benefits of receiving Medicare and Medicaid include coverage of doctor's visits, filling prescriptions, eye care and dental care.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The vocational rehabilitation service is a program designed for welfare recipients who want to leave the program. The vocational rehabilitation service gives job training to welfare recipients on how to develop and use their skills to find employment. A contract or agreement of sell-sufficiency must be signed before a person can enter this program. This helps ensure only committed and determined individuals are extended the opportunity. No one under 18 can participate in this program.