How to Get Outlet Mall Coupons

Many people enjoy shopping and saving a lot of money at outlet malls, especially around the holidays. Even though outlet malls have excellent name brand merchandise at low prices, there are ways to save even more money with outlet mall coupons.

Step 1

Check the business's website for outlet mall coupons. The links to several popular outlet malls are listed in the resource section below.

Step 2

Get a shopping group together of eight or more people. Most outlet malls will give special promotions like coupon books to groups of eight or more. Check your favorite outlet mall websites for details.

Step 3

Stop by the customer service offices of outlet malls and ask if they have any coupon books.

Step 4

Make sure to sign up for outlet mall mailing lists. You'll be sure to receive important promotions, sales, and coupons.

Step 5

If you're a senior, find out if the outlet malls you shop at have senior days. Many outlet malls have special discounts for seniors on certain days of the week. Usually Senior days are usually a weekday.