What to Do If You Find a Credit Card

Return the credit card to the nearest customer service counter.

It is not uncommon to find lost items such as sunglasses and keys. Often such items are listed as "found" on Craigslist, or left where they were found in the hopes that the owner will return. But what should you do if you find a credit card? You can't leave it lying on the ground, because someone else might pick it up and use it illegally. Consider a different option that will lead to a better outcome for the credit card owner.


Return It

Turn the card in to the nearest lost and found or information desk. This is the best thing to do if you find the card in a store that has a nearby customer service or information desk. Often, the person who lost it will return to the area in the hopes that someone might have found it and turned it in. If you are in a large area, such as a park, you will have to choose a different option.

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Destroy the Card

Cut up and throw away the card. Make sure you don't toss it into a garbage can without cutting it up, or at the very least, bending it until it breaks. Destroying the card is a good solution, no matter where you find the card. The person who owns the card will have to report it missing and will receive a new card anyway. Destroying the card ensures that no one else will find it and be tempted to use it illegally.


Go to the Bank

Take the card to the nearest branch of the bank that is listed on the card, if there is a branch in your area. Tell the teller that you found the card. The bank will then take possession of the card, and a banker will call the owner of the card and tell him or her that the card has been turned in. If the bank is closed, you can place the card in a drop box.

Call and Report

Call the toll-free number listed on the back of the card and report that you found the card. Instead of entering the account number when prompted, select "0" instead. This will get you directly to a live banker. The banker, or customer service representative will probably then list the card as "lost" and render it inactive. The rightful owner of the card will be contacted as well. Finally, you will probably be asked to destroy the card.


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