How to get FREE products samples

get Free Stuff

Step 1

Free product samples are out there and they are easy to get. Some items are easier to get than others. Some stores and websites list the items they are offering to sample for free. One of the best sites is

Step 2

under the search box type in free samples . You can click on the particular item and request a free product sample. I have noticed that the Walmart samples come in faster than samples from other sites. You can check the Walmart site weekly for samples because the samples they offer rotate and change frequently.

Step 3

If you have a baby you can check all of the major diaper and formula makers and they all give out free samples when you join their mailing lists.

I've also noticed that you can check out the products main page itself.. The best products for samples are coffee, laundry detergent, deodarant, shampoo, feminine product and pet food.. Type in the product name and look up promotions... The key is to search and look around online you will be amazed at what you can get for free.