How to Use Coupons Online

If you want to save money with online shopping, it is important to know how to use coupons online. Even though it is relatively easy to use coupons online, there are certain factors that you have to keep in mind to make sure that you use the online coupons correctly. If you do not use online coupons correctly, you risk paying full price and not getting credited for the coupons at all. Follow the steps below to find out how you should use coupons online to ensure that you are credited for the coupon with your online purchase.


Step 1

Find coupons online. The first step to using coupons online correctly is finding the online coupons. You can find coupons online by visiting coupon websites, visiting manufacturers' websites and visiting online store websites.

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Step 2

Copy and paste the coupon code. In many instances, the coupon website will have a coupon code listed. Be sure to copy this coupon code and paste it into a document or email message where it is safe and you will remember it. Make sure to copy the code exactly. You should also copy the website URL where you found the online coupon just in case you copy the code incorrectly.


Step 3

Make sure the coupons are current. One of the problems with using coupons online is that it is often hard to tell if the coupon is expired. Unlike grocery coupons where there is a clear expiration date, online coupons often make expiration dates hard to find. If you are counting on the coupon discount with your purchase, be sure to verify the expiration date before purchasing.


Step 4

Read instructions on website. When you are ready to make your online purchase, be sure to read the website instructions carefully. If the website accepts coupons, there might be instructions explaining how to purchase with coupons on the site. If there are no instructions, you can follow default methods described in Step 5 as a next best option.


Step 5

Enter coupon code when purchasing online. Very often, the way you use coupons online is by entering the coupon code inside the shopping cart program while you are purchasing. When you place your order online, there should be a text input box labelled "coupon code" or something similar. Input the coupon code that you copied and pasted in Step 2 into the input box.



Step 6

Follow an online coupon link. Sometimes you get a coupon by following a coupon link. A coupon link, as opposed to a coupon code, means that you get a discount if you purchase through this link. The coupon code is embedded inside the link URL. So you must buy through the link URL to get the coupon. Check the URL you saved in Step 2 and see if there is an outgoing coupon link. If there is, click on the link and make your online purchase using that link.


Step 7

Find out if the online coupon is an affiliate coupon. Sometimes online coupons are really affiliate coupons. Meaning, you only get the discount if you order through that affiliate. If this is the case, you must order through the affiliate website to get the discount. Often times the affiliate website is simply a link to the main store website, but you must enter the store through the affiliate webpage to get the discount; similar to Step 6.


Step 8

Look out for coupon verification. Sometimes online coupons will be verified on the spot online. Sometimes they will be reflected in your receipt. Smaller websites might not verify a coupon until they send you an email confirmation. Make sure, one way or another, that your coupon discount is reflected in your purchasing price. If not, be sure to contact the website with your online coupon details.


Sometimes online coupons are not valid. Be weary if the source looks questionable.



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