How to Use Kroger's Scan Right Guarantee

The Kroger's grocery store chain, with locations in 34 states, offers a ScanRite guarantee on much of its merchandise. If a product is not scanned at the correct price at checkout, the item generally will be given to you for free or at a discount. Because specific policies vary by store, however, it pays to know the local rules before you shop.


Incorrect Scan

Locating items that scanned incorrectly is the key to taking advantage of Kroger's ScanRite guarantee. Pay close attention to the prices on the register screen during checkout, or review your receipt after you have purchased your groceries. Any item that scans at an incorrect price, whether it is higher or lower than advertised, will be given to you for free. Only one item will be given away for free per purchase, however -- any subsequent items that scan incorrectly will be sold at the lower price.


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Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and liquid milk are not included in the ScanRite guarantee.

Local Standards

ScanRite is enacted throughout the company, but specific policies may vary between stores. Ask a customer service representative at your location for details on how it interprets and enforces the ScanRite guarantee. If you think the store acted in error or isn't interpreting the guidelines correctly, call Kroger's customer service line at 1-866-221-4141. It's staffed from 8 a.m. to midnight EST, Monday through Friday.



The guarantee only applies to products that were scanned incorrectly; ScanRite is not a price matching promotion.



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