How to Make Money Playing the Yugioh Trading Card Game

Professional players guard their cards and strategies carefully.

Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game allows players to compete at the local, national and worldwide levels for prizes including rare cards, home electronics and other high-end items. Professional card gamers may add Yu-Gi-Oh! to their businesses' stable of moneymaking games to help finance their travel to and from tournaments as well as win rare cards for future tournaments. Others may seek to gain a side income from the game in order to purchase additional cards or get free booster packs for sale or trade.


Step 1

Assemble your best Yu-Gi-Oh! deck. Veteran players with large collections need to whittle that down to 40 to 60 cards with a centralized win condition. New players may use preconstructed decks available from vendors or compete in tournaments that provide tournament pack decks or boosters.


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Step 2

Practice against other players to fine-tune your deck and learn about the competition. Ideally, play in the location that hosts upcoming tournaments. This allows a player to learn about his competition along with discovering any flaws in strategy or deck composition.

Step 3

Attend local tournaments. Placing in the top tier of local tournaments, which typically range from four to 32 players, nets a player prizes including booster packs. These sell for a nice profit to other collectors and contain randomized cards.


Step 4

Participate in national qualifier tournaments. Konami hosts a series of qualifying tournaments that feature Secret or Ultra Rare prize cards for the winner. These cards feature powerful abilities and players may only gain them by winning these tournaments. Konami invites only the top player from each qualifier to the World Championship Tournament. Players that place high in the rankings may win video game consoles, booster packs and boxes or other items with high resell value.



Step 5

Place high in the World Championship Tournament. The World Championships typically give prizes worth far more than local or national awards to the top 32 players. These include one-of-a-kind cards, home entertainment setups and vacations or tours.

Step 6

Sell extra booster packs, prize cards or other prizes for a profit. Funnel these profits back into the game to purchase cards to help win higher-level tournaments or keep the money made from playing competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!


Most tournaments offer a set of boosters of greater value than the entry fee, with the standard being $20 entry for five packs with a retail value of approximately $4 each, at the time of publication. That makes entering tournaments a break-even proposal from the start.


Sanctioned events do not offer cash prizes. Unsanctioned duels featuring cash wagers or prizes may result in a loss of official tournament standing and possible ban from sanctioned events.



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