What Does the Sony Corporation Own?


Sony's electronics subsidies producw everything from batteries and televisions to music players and professional video/audio equipment.

Video Games

Sony owns Sony Computer Entertainment, a distinct subsidy from its electronics business. Sony Computer Entertainment produces the popular Playstation consoles.

Film and Television Production

Sony owns Sony Pictures Entertainment, which includes the Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems and TriStar Pictures Marquees. Sony Pictures also has a large television production and distribution business. Sony also owns 20 percent of MGM studios.

Music Production

Sony is the sole shareholder of major label distributor Sony Music. The subsidy was assembled from Sony's acquisition of Columbia Music from CBS in the 1980s as well as a merger with BMG music in 2004.

Financial Services

Sony owns Sony Financial Holdings as a holding company for its financial services businesses in Japan. The company owns and operates Sony Life Insurance and Sony Bank.

Joint Ventures

Sony owns 50 percent of cellular phone joint venture Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB with Swedish telecommunications manufacturer Ericcson. Sony also owns 50 percent minus one share of S-LCD, a joint venture with Samsung Electronics.