How to Find Savings Bonds in Your Name

Find Savings Bonds in Your Name

You can get a list of savings bonds in your name by sending a letter to the government and requesting the information. However, it can take you some time to acquire the information that you need to provide in order to receive a response. The following will outline the process.


Step 1

Make a list of when you think you obtained the savings bonds. You don't need an exact date, but an estimate will help. Your search will be eased by providing as much information as possible.

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Step 2

Make a list of your previous addresses. Match these addresses to the time during which you think you obtained the savings bonds.


Step 3

Obtain your social security number. If you think that the bonds were purchased using a relative's social security number then try to obtain that number.

Step 4

Write a letter to the Bureau of Public Debt requesting a list of bonds in your name. It is important to include the information you have obtained about your bonds, including when you think they were issued as well as your address at this time, your social security number; the name, address, and social security number of the person who gave you the bonds, and your current address. Include this information for each bond you are requesting.



Step 5

Sign and mail the letter. It can take up to six weeks to get a response that will include a list of your bonds' serial numbers, values and series.


If you have the serial number and/or denominations for your bonds, include this information in your letter. Mail your letter to Bureau of the Public Debt Accrual Securities Branch, PO Box 1328, Parkersburg, WV 26106-1328 You will not receive information on any savings bonds that have been cashed. This method can only be used to find out about savings bonds in your name. You cannot inquire about someone else's savings bonds. If you are requesting information about savings bonds issued before 1974, it can take longer than six weeks to receive a response.


If you cannot obtain your relative's social security number you can still send the request.

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