How to Buy Brazilian Government Bonds

In today's markets, international diversification can be an important way to protect yourself from domestic economic problems. Both stocks and bonds can accomplish this. Many times, emerging markets will be growing when more stable economies are in distress.

Step 1

Contact your stockbroker or investment adviser and ask him or her to find a good Brazilian bond from their inventory. You may be given a choice of bonds; if so, evaluate which one is the best according to such things as its rating, interest rate, call features and maturity.


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Step 2

Have your broker get you a prospectus and any other information on the bonds you're interested in. Read all of the information carefully and do further research on the issuer on your own to find out as much as you can about them. Make certain that they are creditworthy and have a solid track record of meeting their financial obligations.


Step 3

Purchase the bonds with either a check or from cash in your brokerage account. Remember to take into account the exchange rate between Brazilian and American currency.


Step 4

Request a certificate for the bonds if you don't wish for it to be held in street name in your account. However, keeping them in your account ensures that they won't get lost or stolen.



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