How to Get a High School Diploma Fast Cheap Easy

Graduate from High school

Do you need a high school diploma? Getting a job these days is harder than ever and without a high school diploma an adult has few options for employment. The options that are available are either risky, dangerous, or pay minimum wage making it hard to make ends meet. How can you get a high school diploma fast cheap and easy so you can get a better job?

Step 1

Make the call

Call one of the correspondence high schools and request an application for admission. Call one of these correspondence schools: Cornerstone Christian School phone 912-832-3834 cost $85, American School of correspondence phone 866-260-7221 cost varies depending on the number of credits you need up to $2000. If you prefer the GED, call high schools in your area until you find one that does not require class time and that allows you to come in and take the GED after paying your $125. Receive at least a 50-percent score on each of the 5 exams.

Step 2

Send a money order

Send the application back in the mail with a check or money order for the amount due or take it to a local high school if you choose GED. American School 2200 East 170th Street Lansing, Ill 60438-6001

Cornerstone Christian School Rt 3 Box 3149 Townsend, GA 31331 Look in your local phone book yellow pages under schools if you want to pursue a GED, or alternative education in your area. Some high schools will even let you take one GED exam at a time and pay $25 per test at a time. Adult education and alternative education programs at area high schools may be free or low costs.

Step 3

Take tests

Take the tests, or complete the assignments, depending on the option you choose, and turn them in for grading. Cornerstone Christian is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest program, requiring just $85 and one written exam that includes one essay. You complete it at home and mail it back. They do not have a website you must call and use USPS mail.

Step 4

Receive high school diploma

Receive your high school diploma or GED in the mail in about 30 days and start applying for those jobs.


Go to the public library, check out the GED study guide, if you intend to take the GED exams without classroom time. The library is free.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone

  • $100 - $2000

  • Ink pen

  • Stamps

  • Envelope

  • Public library


Do not waste any more time, get your high school diploma now and get a better job.