How to Apply for the American Express Black Card

Apply for the American Express Black Card

We've all heard of the iconic titanium American Express Centurion, or Black Card as it is known for. Because these cards are offered by invitation only, obtaining it can be a little tricky and require you to spend far more than you would with any other card. But if you seek out the status of the super rich, this may be the card for you.

Step 1

The Centurion credit card invitation is only extended to A-list celebrities or preexisting Amex cardholders who have proven their spending (and paying back) abilities as well as posess a perfect FICO score.

Step 2

You will need to spend at least $250,000.00 per year on your existing Amex card. Once you reach this annual spending amount, contact American Express and inquire about the Black Card. You cannot request the card, per se, but you can receive advice on meeting the requirements for one.

Step 3

Upon invitation, you will be required to fork over a one-time $5,000.00 initiation fee as well as a whopping $2,500.00 annual fee.

Step 4

The key is, if you second-guess your ability to afford the initiation fee or the annual fees, this card is not for you. Stick to the card you have and leave the titanium masterpiece to Britney Spears and Donald Trump!