Can I Finance Furniture with Bad Credit?

Mother and daughter sitting on a sofa at a furniture store.
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You do have options when you have bad credit and need to finance furniture. It just may take some research and patience to find a store that will work with you. Even then you'll need to read the contract carefully. The agreement will take into account your past credit issues and could leave you owing more than you anticipated.

Leasing Companies

Some lease-to-own companies will deal directly with the store, give you the furniture, then set up a contract with you to pay them back. The payment terms vary depending on the company. In most cases, you must agree to automatic payment drafts from your checking account. Many companies offer an early pay-off option, usually 90 days, so buyers can avoid significant finance charges. Some also have deadlines for payments. If the deadline is missed, the loan stretches out and the balance due can double. Approval depends on you being employed and having an active checking account.

Other Options

Check used furniture stores for deals. Even if they don't offer financing, the discounts may make up the difference. You can also apply for credit at retail shops that sell both furniture and electronics. USA Discounters, for example, boasts a high credit approval percentage and encourages everyone to apply.

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