How to Get Free Restaurant Coupons for Your Birthday or Anniversary

Enjoy complimentary meals at your favorite restaurant using coupons.

Birthdays and anniversaries can be some of the most exciting celebrations throughout the year. By marking special moments in people's lives, these types of occasions almost always involve eating and spending time with loved ones. Instead of cooking your own meal, leave the culinary effort and tab up to someone else. This year, use coupons to enjoy a complimentary meal at a favorite or new restaurant.

Step 1

Log on to the restaurant's website. Locate a "Birthday Club" or "Email Club" link on the website. Restaurants usually place this link as a standalone link near the top or bottom of the main page. Other restaurants, however, might bury this link in a "Contact Us" page or "About Us" page. Therefore, probe around a bit if you don't find the link right away.

Step 2

Enter the necessary information that the website asks you to input. Typically, the information you will enter includes name, birthdate and email address. Some restaurants might also ask for additional information, such as your favorite dish or the location of the nearest restaurant to you.

Step 3

Click the "Submit" button once you are done filling out the online form. A confirmation email is typically sent to your email address.

Step 4

Access your email account to view the restaurant's confirmation email. This initial email might include the complimentary birthday or anniversary coupon if your event is soon approaching. If your celebration is at a much later date, then you might have to wait a couple weeks or months before receiving your free coupon.

Step 5

Print the coupon. Typically, coupons include a bar code or special set of numbers on them to ensure authenticity when presenting to your waiter or waitress. Other ways that restaurants protect coupons include one-time printing and no photocopying.

Step 6

Continue checking your email account every couple weeks for additional promotional emails from the restaurant. Every so often, restaurants will offer a complimentary appetizer, dessert or "buy one get one" coupon regardless if it's your birthday or anniversary.


Unsubscribe from the birthday club, if desired, by notifying the restaurant. Usually clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of one of the restaurant emails will suffice.

You might be able to sign up for an email or birthday club right at your restaurant. Sometimes forms are available at your table or near the cashier’s station.

Taking phone or online surveys as detailed on your check might also score you a free meal as well as other restaurant promotions.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access

  • Printer