How to Make Money Doing Side Hustles

Many side jobs are simple and don't require a lot of experience.

If you need extra money to take care of an unexpected bill or to get out of debt, you may have considered getting a side job. Whatever your reason for needing extra money, there are plenty of side jobs you can take on to increase your income. The great thing about a lot of side jobs is you can do them in your free time. Many of the jobs are simply things people are too busy to do or have no desire to complete.

Step 1

Mow lawns in your neighborhood. A lawn-mowing service doesn't require a lot of start-up cost. In fact, there's a good chance that you already have a lawn mower that you can use to get started. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and explain your services and prices to them. You may very well gain some customers the very day you start.

Step 2

Watch kids in your spare time. If you love children, you can offer baby sitting services while you're not working. You will have to build a solid relationship with prospects because most families are looking for someone they can trust to watch their children.

Step 3

Start a dog-walking service. Every pet owner knows he's responsible for walking his dogs, but sometimes a busy schedule does not permit it. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the care of your customers' pets.

Step 4

Work as a bartender in your spare time. Many bartenders make substantially more than their hourly wages because of tips from customers. Working as a part-time bartender is a great way to quickly earn some extra cash.

Step 5

Participate in medical studies. Companies that are trying to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration hire people to participate in studies as apart of their research. If participating in medical studies seems like more than you want to do, consider donating blood to receive fast cash.

Step 6

Create an affiliate site. Affiliate sites are created for a certain niche market to sell related affiliate products on the site. Once you join an affiliate program, such as Amazon, Commission Junction or Click Bank, you can earn a commission for each affiliate product sold on your site. For example, you can create an affiliate site about golf clubs and link to products on Amazon. Each time someone buys an Amazon golf product through your site, you earn a commission for the sale.

Step 7

Design logos. If you have graphic design skills, you can offer your services by creating logos for businesses. Brand recognition is important to business, and having a logo is an easy way to start creating a brand.

Step 8

Start an advertisement business. There are several ways you can start an advertisement business, including creating and distributing flyers, posting online ads for customers and offering advertisement in newsletters. You can charge each business a fee to advertise their company, service or product.


Implement a system to keep track of the money you earn from your side jobs.


To avoid trouble with the IRS, don't neglect to pay taxes on the extra money you earn.

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