How To Save Money on McDonald's Food

You can find food bargains at McDonald's.

Even if you stick to the main menu, McDonald's is a good place to get an inexpensive meal on the go. But there are ways to bring the cost of your McDonald's meal down even more.

Step 1

Order from the Value Menu. McDonald's value menu offers a smaller-sized version of several commonly ordered items. You can get French fries, a soda, a side salad and numerous other items, for just $1 each.

Step 2

Order a senior beverage. One of the best deals (and also maybe one of the best-kept secrets) at McDonald's is the specially priced fountain beverages (Coke, Diet Coke, etc.) for folks over 50. It's about the size of a small fountain drink, which costs about $1 on the value menu. But the senior beverage costs only about 70 cents on average. You don't have to present any ID. All you have to do is ask for it.

Step 3

Click for bargains. A quick computer search for "McDonald's offers" or "McDonald's coupons" will put you in touch with special deals and printable coupons to save even more at McDonald's. It's good to bookmark your favorite sites and check back often, because many McDonald's offers are good for only a short while, but new ones pop up all the time. Find a link to one site in the References section.