About Wells Fargo Online Banking

Like many financial institutions, Wells Fargo lets its customers access account information and do many banking and brokerage transactions online. You have the choice of using the bank's website or its smartphone app.

About Wells Fargo Online Banking
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Web Banking Features

If you're a Wells Fargo customer interested in using your computer or smartphone for banking, you may find that for many types of transactions, you no longer have to visit your local bank branch.

You can use the bank's website to monitor activity on your accounts, access the documents you need to file your taxes, transfer money between accounts and pay bills. You can also activate a credit or debit card from Wells Fargo, order checks linked to your account, update your address or other contact information and contact the bank. Further, you can set up alerts on your account, get email, text or smartphone notifications about activity on your account and payment due dates.

Brokerage services, like buying and selling stock, are also available through the Wells Fargo website.

Financial Planning Tools

Beyond helping you track and transfer the funds already in your account, Wells Fargo also offers access to a variety of financial planning tools through its website. You can access credit-related information that lenders use to determine how much they'll lend you and at what rates, like your FICO credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Other tools help you plan your retirement savings, track your spending and create a budget for your future financial needs.

Mobile Banking App

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet, you can download Wells Fargo's online banking app for your device. The app enables you to monitor transactions, transfer money and pay bills as you would on the Wells Fargo website, but it also has other, mobile-specific features.

With the app, you're able to get push notifications for transactions or quickly check your account balances even while away from home. You can also deposit checks without having to visit a branch or ATM by taking photos of them in the app. Additionally, if you do visit an ATM but don't have your ATM card with you, you can use the app to quickly generate a code letting you log into the ATM and withdraw funds.

Opening New Accounts

If you're not an existing Wells Fargo customer or you're looking to open a new type of bank account or credit card, you can also do that online. You can use Wells Fargo's website to learn about the types of accounts available including the benefits and any associated fees.