How to Order From Angel Food Ministries

Angel Food Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to providing food relief and contributing to outreaches in communities throughout the United States. You can purchase food through the Angel Food program for substantially less than the prices available in the local grocery stores. You will find that ordering from Angel Food Ministries will lighten the stress on your monthly budget.


Step 1

Access the Angel Food Ministries website. The Angel Food Ministries website is designed to help people interested in participation in the program gather the necessary information needed to accomplish the task. On the web page the organization lists information about the food that they offer and how to start a host site in your own town. AFM also has listed a full description of the organization's history and mission statement. On the website you can find recipes, news and the monthly menu.


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Step 2

View the monthly menu. The Angel Food Ministries monthly menu is released just after the order date deadline so you can plan your orders for the following month. The Ministry offers a variety of food options. To make any purchases from Angel Food Ministries you must first order a "Regular Box" set which is enough food to feed a family of four for one week. After that you can select from any of the other products offered including the "Senior Box," and monthly specials.


Step 3

Find a delivery site near you. Angel Food Ministries distributes their products to over 4,800 host sites around the nation every month and the host sites in turn provide boxes of Angel Food to individual families. To locate a host site in your area you can either contact Angel Food Ministries at 1-877-FOOD-MINISTRY or use the online search option. To search for a host site online click on the "Find a Local Site" link on the right hand side of the page. Then search by entering your zip code or by selecting your state and browsing through the list provided.


Step 4

Contact the delivery site. Once you have searched for a host site online you will need to contact the site by phone or email. The host site will then tell you what dates they have available and what specific times of the day people will be at the site for you to place your order. Each site has different order days and times so make sure to contact them long before the order date so you don't miss that month's deadline.


Step 5

Place your order. You will need to go to the host site during the time allotted to place your order. Have your choices prepared when you arrive so you can place your order quickly. Purchases can be made by check, cash, or food stamps. To purchase Angel Food with your food stamps make sure to bring your card with you. After you place your order hold on to the yellow receipt they give you for proof of purchase when you pick up your food. Always pick up your food within the date and time allotted. Any food that is not picked up on time will be donated to someone in need and no refunds are given.