This Is How Much Was Spent on the Last RHOBH

This week's episode is titled, "It's Expensive to Be Me," and they weren't messing around. We ran the numbers to figure out exactly how much each Housewife spent this week.

Methodology: We tuned in to see just how much the ladies are spending. In order to calculate, we focused on money spent in the episode. Clothing, cars, houses, etc are not calculated unless the women make the purchase on screen each week. If the women go out to dinner, we will attribute the cost to whichever housewife is given credit for the scene, as designated by the "title" before the scene.

Music video shoot

Erika Jayne

The episode starts with Erika Jayne's music video shoot. We included the cost of that video in the tally from last week, so the video doesn't add anything to Erika's total this week (but she's still out that $50k).

Total: $0 (this week)

Throwing shade in the walk in closet


We see Dorit going through her closet, while still complaining about Pantygate with her husband, PK. In this scene, she spent $0, but it may cost her dearly at the reception.

Total: $0

Social Cost: Too high to know

Real estate viewing and lunch


Kyle takes Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) and Ken to see her husband, Maurizio's, new listing— it's huge. We've got our fingers crossed for Kyle and fam, though. According to LVP, "If he can sell this, I think he's could make a sht load of money." In case you are curious, a "sht load" is about a $12 million commission. Until then, no money spent, no money earned.

On Sunset Bar & Restaurant

Entrees average about $25 at The Sunset, bringing Kyle's lunch to $125. Drinks at $15 each for the four adults comes to $60, bringing their full bill with tax and tip to around $240.50. Nice lunch.

Total: $240.50

Shopping at the Glen Centre

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna and Eden go shopping for some new work out clothes at The Glen Centre, while also speculating about Kim's addiction (to what end?). Rinna arrives with two shopping bags in hand, but we never see the women buy anything, so we can only assume that they traipsed in to gossip with a camera crew and walked out again. Talk about a sales person's nightmare.

Total: $0

Packing for Greece

Erika Jayne

We see Erika packing for her trip to Mykonos, where she will be performing at the Mykonos International Gay Festival and all we could think was, Man, that girl is spending a lot of money. We know that Kyle is going with her, and we expect this trip to be expensive. The question is: How expensive? Will she be taking the private jet? We'll have to wait and see.

Total: To come…

Lunch at The Larchmont


Rinna and Kyle order iced teas at $5/each (It's Beverly Hills). Eden cradles a bottle of juice, declaring that she is on a cleanse, "I know. It's so LA of me." The conversation once again returns to Kim, which had us saying with Kyle, "Are we really doing this?" No food is ordered.

Total: $10

Meeting with an adoption lawyer

Lisa Vanderpump

LVP's son, Max, is interested in finding his birth parents, so LVP sets up a meeting with the adoption lawyer who facilitated Max's adoption. According to the American Bar Association Journal, the average hourly rate for a partner was $536 in 2014. Since LVP's lawyer has been practicing for at least twenty-four years, we'll assume she's a partner. After all, LVP wouldn't settle for less.

Ken suggests that they hire a detective.

Total: $536

Kyle and Erika go to Greece

Erika Jayne

Kyle and Erika arrive in Mykanos separately, so we don't think they took the private jet. Business class flights from LAX to Mykanos cost aroung $10,000/each for the two women. We know Erika brought at least two people from her posse with her on the trip (She opens a bottle of Veuve Cliquot with them, $44), and we can assume that Erika paid for those tickets as well because as Kyle notes, "She takes very good care of them. She spends a lot of money on her posse, let me tell you."

The producer's of RHOBH know we're obsessed with Erika's spending, so they made it easy for us, and told us exactly how much Erika's Rental Estate costs. It's $50,000 for the week. We see Erika drink another bottle of Veuve ($44) with a couple of her people.

Airfare: $40,000

Champagne: $88

Estate Rental: $50,000

Total: $90,088

Dinner at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica


The average lunch entree at The Huntley Hotel is about $20. All of the women talk about how hungry they are, but we don't see any of them order. Dorit and Eileen have a massive glass of lemon water. Rinna has another $5 iced tea. That woman loves her iced tea. We'll have to tune in next week to see if they order any food.

Total: $5

This Week’s Total:

Kyle: $240.50

Eden: $10

Lisa Vanderpump: $536

Erika: $90,088

Dorit: $5

Erika Jayne wins again!