Which Fashion Trends Are Worth It This Season?

If you like clothes and shopping, then you know it's time to start thinking about your spring wardrobe. But if, like me, you shop on a very tight budget, you have to pick and choose which trends to follow season to season. Even if you're a big spender, if you want to be a responsible consumer, you shouldn't be spending on disposable trends — buying something one season that you'll throw out before you can say "Resort 2018" isn't great for our environment. But it is possible to invest in trends, because some seasonal fashions are actually quite timeless.

You just need to know the difference between trends you'll keep in your wardrobe for the next decade, and things that will have you looking like you smelled a fart when you pull them out of your wardrobe six months later. For instance, for SS17 you can ditch: neon colored clothing (history and the early '00s tell us this never turns out well), anything inspired by Flashdance, sleeve slits (you're not a Disney villain), waist cinchers and bra tops — unless of course, you're Kendall Jenner (hi Kendall, if you're reading this!). Below are the trends you can safely invest in, and keep wearing for seasons to come.


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Between easy going seaside stripes, powerful Oxford or banker stripes, and fun, vibrant super stripes, SS17 is stripe-sationational. Stripes literally never go out of style.


Khaki is the eternal color of summer (and incidentally will make you look super grown up, or like you're going on a sexy contemporary safari, both of which are great ways to look). A pair of khaki culottes or a flirty dress won't go astray in seasons to come.

White shirt dresses

White + shirt + dress = a wardrobe staple that is unfettered by the shackles of seasonal trends. You can wear it professional, edgy, or romantic depending on your personal style.

Trench coats

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A classic trench should be a classic wardrobe staple of every versatile wardrobe anyway, so why not get involved in the trench coat trend this season (if you're not already).

Garden party dresses

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You can be assured that whenever there's a wedding, outdoor soiree, or any other kind of semi-formal occasion in spring or summer, a floral garden party style dress will be invaluable.

Wide leg pants

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Skinny jeans are so passé this season (they'll be back eventually). It's all about wide leg, the silhouette that flatters every shape, size, and body type, and it's been hot since the early '20s, and will be forevermore.