10 Things Every '90s & '00s Kid Would Spend Their Allowance On

If you're a90's or 00's kid, please stand up! The days of Discman and POGS are over, but they'll forever remain in our hearts. Our hard earned allowance was spent on these amazing products that those years gave to us. We've narrowed down the top ten.

1. Discman

Bringing a Discman on the school bus was the only way any of us got through middle school, right? If only they would fit into your jean jacket pocket.

2. CDs

A trip to Best Buy on Saturday was well spent if you walked away with a new CD or two. Anything that was playing on TRL was in all of our libraries.

3. Harry Potter books

Harry Potter was our generation. Harry Potter was our childhood. And we waited outside those bookstores in those long lines with our allowances because those books were everything and totally worth the extra chores.

4. Teen Magazines

Tiger Beat, J-14, Teen People, and Sassy. Just some of the many amazing teen magazines that I used to purchase on a monthly basis. I would mostly harvest pictures of Ricky Martin to add to my wall collage.

5. Razor Scooters

In 7th grade, I was a member of the Scooter Club. Enough said.

6. Dance Dance Revolution

Everyone went over to the kid's house who had DDR. Clean friendly fun and a great workout. Win-win.


POGS became "viral" for no real reason. We played it. We spent so much money on "slammers" and customized POG makers. The Pet Rock of our generation?

8. See-Thru Phones

If you were #blessed enough to have one of these growing up (like I was), then you know how amazing they were. This was on every kid's Christmas list!

9. Tommy Hilfiger Overalls

I got hand-me-down overalls from my older sister, but if you had these growing up it either meant you saved up your pennies or you were more loved by your parents than any other kid in school.

10. Giga Pets/Tamagotchis

One time, my friend who lived across the street from me stole my Gigapet and renamed her. This is the 00's version of hijacking someone's wedding hashtag and is totally unforgivable.