Upgrade Your Style With These 5 Totally Worth It Investment Pieces

'Tis the season to be spending... I mean, investing in staple wardrobe classics that will instantly update your wardrobe and won't go out of style by the time you can say "Happy 2018". Given that it's sale season, it's a great time to add to your wardrobe in a way that tells 2017 you're an adult now, regardless of how many nights you still stay up binge watching Netflix and eating popcorn that's fallen into your bra. Looking classic and grown up doesn't necessarily mean you are, and having a stylish wardrobe is two-thirds of adulthood anyway. Here are 5 wardrobe classics you should invest in for a quick style update.

1. Smart peg trousers

Everlane The GoWeave Crop Trouser, $115

A nice pair of trousers never goes out of style. They'll never be "like, sah last year", and they go with everything. Buy in navy or black if you want to go super classic or be adventurous and go cream or tan for an even more sophisticated look that says "I'm a person that never spills".

2. A well cut white shirt

& Other Stories Oversized Shirt, $85

There is literally nothing else on earth that embodies timeless chic like a white shirt. It's Audrey Hepburn forever style. You can wear it over a sundress, with your trousers for a professional look, with jeans for a casual yet sexy brunch look, or on its own with big wool socks and sunglasses for when you're home alone doing you best Risky Business impression.

3. A little black dress

Silence + Noise Structured Strapless Midi Dress, $89

The most ubiquitous symbol of classic style, ironically made popular by one of the Spice Girls, having the perfect little black dress in your wardrobe is essential. It can be dressed up or down, worn on any occasion, and is the perfect fail safe for when you're standing in front of you wardrobe screaming "I hate EVERYTHING!"

4. A pair of pumps

Daisy Street Burgundy Mid Heeled Shoes, $58.55

Pumps go with everything and they've literally been "in" every season since their invention in the 1500s. Go classic with black, or mix it up with a pattern, or my personal favorite, oxblood red. Who are we kidding ourselves? Get one of each!

5. Bear with me here: A neutral jumpsuit

Andrea Wrap Pantsuit, $220

A jumpsuit may seem a little "crazy" as a wardrobe classic, but ask yourself: have jumpsuits really ever gone out of style? No, they haven't. If you buy yourself a no frills, neutral jumpsuit you'll be giving yourself with the sartorial gift that keeps on giving. Wear it in warmer months with sandals, or in winter with a skivvy underneath, coat and boots.