This Dirt-Cheap Historic Mansion Is Yet Another Reason to Leave Your Big City

It's becoming increasingly clear that living in big cities like L.A. and New York are not places to live if you like to actually save your money. Housing crises have pushed up home prices and rents, and it's actually causing a significant number of millennials to leave for smaller, more up-and-coming locales.

Today, we came across something that made us scream with envy — this Craigslist posting for a 2-bedroom apartment in a building, excuse us — mansion — in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Oh, did we mention? It's in a freaking "HISTORIC MANSION."

For just $1,150 per month, you get to live in this 2-bedroom splendor:

It's perfectly preserved — a place of true elegance.

Just to twist the knife a little deeper, $1,150 also covers: heat, water, and trash.

So...packing your bags yet? We are.

Image Credit: HBO