Don't Get a Puppy Until You Consider These Expenses

My dog, Miles, is my world. And when I say that, I am not exaggerating by any means. He is put first in our family. His is the epicenter of every decision we make and every plan we devise. Miles is our dog. He is our family. And we take care of him like family.

Dogs are family!
credit: Katie Garrity

A pet is a huge responsibility, as we all know. When my husband and I first decided that we wanted a dog, we didn’t really understand how much that would truly cost us. We adopted Miles The Pup two years ago, and while the costs are many, the love, warmth, and company of a pet make it all worth it.

Miles as a Puppy
credit: Katie Garrity

Here are some of the top expenses that come with loving and own a pet.

1. Food

The Vet is No Fun
credit: Katie Garrity

Let me state the obvious, dogs need food. What I didn’t know is that my dog would need special food because of his sensitive stomach. Food that we can only get at a special boutique store. The generic dog food that we thought would buy for our pup ended up not working and we had to go for the more expensive stuff. The best foods can be pretty pricey.

2. Treats

Sleepy Miles
credit: Katie Garrity

Pups need to be treated every now and then, y’know! From training to bribing to just because, our furry friends need to be treated to something special just like us. Sure, you can get whatever generics they have at the store - but you may need to buy the special ones for dietary reasons. There's a whole cottage industry for homemade and healthy dog treats, prices range from a few cents to a few dollars each.

3. Vet

Pensive Puppy
credit: Katie Garrity

Oh the vet, a pup (and an owner’s) least favorite place in the world! Our pets get poked and prodded while we feel the pain from an outrageous bill. There have honestly been times when I have considered getting Pet Insurance because Miles was at the vet so much. If you're thinking of getting a pup, make sure to budget for many vet visits. You just never know what can go wrong. Even a healthy puppy needs to be seen by the vet a few times per year for their immunizations. At around $50 each, these visits can be a real budget breaker.

4. Day Care

Weiner Dog
credit: Katie Garrity

With busy schedules, it’s hard to always have the proper time to walk your pooch. Instead of letting them go stir crazy, it’s often a better option to put them in a day camp. Twice a week, we send Miles to a local “pet resort” where he runs and plays for 8 hours and then comes home and passes out for three days. Doggie day care can cost up to $600 per month, depending on where you live and for how many hours you send your pup to play.

Pets can pull at the purse strings, but at the end of the day, snuggling with your pet makes every penny worth it. Your return on investment is a guaranteed 100% increase in snuggles and companionship.