11 Real-World Money Hacks

1. Plan a no-spend week. Figure out how you'll do free things every day in your spare time. Or take advantage of things that are pre-paid — exercise classes, Netflix, etc.

2. Use a cash-based envelope system. Each month, put cash away for your fixed costs in category-specific envelopes.

3. Keep a cash emergency fund in an easy hidden place. Great for travel!

4. Set a short-term savings goal. Make it super attainable — like a few hundred dollars within two weeks.

5. Track your online purchases to make sure you're not missing out on price-adjustment refunds.

6. Organize your fixed costs — even if you have auto-payments, make sure to check in on how much was spent and when the payments went out.

7. Get competitive with a 52-week savings challenge. Pick a dollar amount (not too high!) and put that number away each week.

8. Make your own cleaning products — all these ingredients will last you so much longer than a $12 fancy pants bottle of organic cleaning spray:

9. If dealing with your budget on a 30 day basis is too confusing and hard to keep track of, move to two week budgeting:

10. Don't give up on luxuries! Just see if there's a generic option available for less money:

11. Give up meat for a week. Shave dollars off your grocery bill by creating meals revolving around canned and/or fresh veggies.