6 Actually Useful Tips From "2 Broke Girls"

2 Broke Girls frequently elicits laughs from its viewers, but it can also teach us valuable lessons on how to save money. The storyline follows two (broke) girls, Max and Caroline, who start a cupcake business together. The dialogue is fast paced and quick-witted, with both girls continuously finding crafty ways to earn. Each episode finishes with a tally of how much they've made, which brings us to the first piece of money-saving advice we can take from 2 Broke Girls:

1.Keep track of your net income

Good budgeting means that you keep proper track of how much you're earning, and how much you're spending. To calculate your net earnings take your total income and minus any costs, expenses, and taxes you've incurred. By keeping track of your net income you have a better idea of how much money you actually have.

2. Master the side hustle

"Multiple Income Streams" are the three magic words of making money. Max and Caroline constantly take on extra jobs and side gigs on top of running their own business and waitressing. Take a cue from the girls and don't be afraid to take offbeat work, such as working a booth at a comic convention like in the season five episode "And the Booth Babes".

3. Consider roommates

Paying rent can quickly chip away at your earnings, especially in an expensive city like NYC, like Max and Caroline. Having a roommate is a great money-saving solution. To avoid the conflict that arises when Caroline finds out Max has been charging her $25 extra in rent, split the cost based on the room size.

4. Use cash instead of credit

Keep it real. If you don't have money for it now, you won't in a month, either. Use cash or don't buy it. Adding debt to your already tenuous finances is a recipe for disaster.

5. Invest in yourself

When Max and Caroline do make money, they invest it wisely. Be it a retail location for the bakery or continuing education classes, the girls choose to put money into their business to make it thrive.

6. Shop at thrift stores

Opting to skip the fancy department stores can be a huge adjustment if you're used to spending money like Caroline; but if she can do it, so can you. Frequently pop into secondhand and thrift stores, you'll be surprised what you can score. One girl's trash is another girl's treasure.