How to Get Discounts on Milwaukee Zoo Tickets

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Is the high cost of Milwaukee zoo admission keeping you from enjoying the animals and the outdoors? If you take a family of four, you are talking some serious money for just a few hours of family entertainment. Let this be your guide to getting discounts on Milwaukee Zoo tickets. Never pay the full gate price again.


Step 1

Take your own food to the zoo. You can place a cooler inside of a wagon and pull it around the zoo with you. This is allowed, as this is a Milwaukee County park and not a theme park. If packing food is too much work, consider bringing water bottles or coolers you can carry on your shoulder or in a backpack. The savings will really add up when you do not need to buy food or drinks for your entire family.


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Step 2

Check with your municipal parks and recreation department to see if they offer discounts on advance purchase of Milwaukee Zoo tickets. These tickets are generally available at many parks and recreation departments in Southeastern Wisconsin. You do not necessarily have to live in that city to purchase the zoo tickets there. Sometimes they are made available at city hall as well.


Step 3

Go online and check eBay or craigslist often. There are people needing to sell tickets or coupons they will not use. If there are no discounts available when you search, consider saving that search and having eBay email you whenever new items are listed. Be sure to check shipping costs and terms of sale.


Step 4

Purchase a yearly Milwaukee zoo pass by following the link within this article or at the admission office. This is good for free gate admission. You can also use your pass for admission at many zoos and aquariums nationwide. There are passes that include parking and those that do not. Choose the pass that will work for your family and situation. The zoo is open year round and holds various seasonal events. Just attending a few of those would more than return your investment.


Step 5

Become a volunteer. You will learn about the animals and go to places behind the scenes that only staff and volunteers are allowed to go. This may be much more of an adventure and a way to experience the zoo than you ever imagined. Pick a volunteer position that suits your personality, goals and schedule.



Step 6

Attend with a family member or friend who has a zoo pass that can accommodate additional adults or children. This is especially wise if you are only going to the zoo once or twice in a year.

Step 7

Attend the zoo on discount or free days for Milwaukee residents, moms, dads and locally sponsored days. There are also special events held after closing where discounts are available on parking, food, and zoo admission.

Step 8

Check with your human resources department at work. They often acquire discounts to many Milwaukee attractions, including the zoo.


If you park on the street or arrive by bus, you could save even more because you will not have to pay parking fees. Arrive early and not towards the end of the school year as it is less likely to be crowded.

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Verify zoo hours before you go, as sometimes the zoo will close early or open later in the evening for events.

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