How to Find Local IRS Offices

You can visit the IRS if you need tax assistance.
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Visit your local Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office for personal assistance on tax-related matters, such as discussing specific tax problems, obtaining specialized forms or paying of taxes due. IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers, located throughout the county, provide a variety of tax services. They are there to help when you need face-to-face guidance or when online and telephone aides aren't enough.

Step 1

Visit the Internal Revenue Service website and enter "Local offices" into their search engine. Select "Contact My Local Office" to find the IRS office in your community.

Step 2

Choose the "Office Locator" link and enter your zip code. Widen your search area by adding more miles to the search parameters. Click on the drop-down mileage tool and adjust the miles accordingly.

Step 3

Locate your state on the map provided. Look through the list of IRS offices in your area choose the office nearest your home. Click on the name of your state, located under map, to find the a complete list of offices in your state.

Step 4

Call and ask if an appointment is necessary at your local IRS office. Many local offices offer walk-in services.


Find international IRS assistance at embassy locations in Frankfurt, London Paris and Bejings. Get more information on the "Contact My Local Office Internationally" page of the IRS website. International taxpayers may also contact the IRS by mail. Send your request to: Internal Revenue Service, Philadelphia, PA 19255. By phone call (267)941-1000. Fax your question to the IRS at (267)941-1055.