How to Sell a Mobile Home

How to Sell a Mobile Home. Selling an asset such as a mobile home can be a relatively easy process given the correct preparation and knowledge base. Just remember to look at every step of the process from the buyers perspective and the progression from selling to sold can be a quick procedure.

Step 1

Determine the amount of money owed on the mobile home. Call the company that has financed the mobile home to get the figure. This amount will be the very minimum that the seller can accept for the home.

Step 2

Ascertain the fair market value of the mobile home. Check local newspapers, Internet sites (see resources sections) and trade magazine for a list of comparable homes. Hiring an appraiser is another option to determine the market value; however, appraisers charge anywhere from two hundred to five hundred dollars.

Step 3

Make repairs as needed. A seller will be surprised how much making even minor repairs can up the appeal for the buyer of a mobile home. For example fresh caulking in the bathrooms can be a inexpensive way to upgrade when selling the mobile home.

Step 4

Stage the mobile home properly. Make sure the mobile home has been cleaned from top to bottom. Remove any unnecessary clutter. The buyer needs to able to picture himself living in the home and the more clutter there is the harder it is for the buyer to envision this.

Step 5

Write the advertisement for the mobile home. Use welcoming words in the home description such as charming, appealing, affordable, delightful, marvelous. Avoid words that have negative connotations like inexpensive, cozy, and economical.

Step 6

Establish contractual sales details. Do the appliances stay or go? What are the financing options? Will the seller finance? How much down is required?

Step 7

Publicize the home for sale. Place an advertisement both in the local paper and on the Internet at myvillage. Also contact the management of the mobile park where you live, often the Mobile home can be listed through park management for free.


Do not allow the buyer to assume the sellers note or loan. If the buyer fails to pay on the loan the seller will be held responsible.