Why People Are Spending Money in Response to the Election

Image Credit: Planned Parenthood

In the days following the election, you may have noticed something happening on your social channels — a movement to donate money to liberal organizations. People upset by Trump's win are using social media to spread a message: Give your cash to causes that are now potentially threatened by a Trump presidency.

So, what power does your dollar have when you give? There are two major reasons. First, should the government attempt to pass legislation that negatively effects the organization, having extra funding would allow a Human Rights Campaign or ACLU to launch a campaign against it. Second, should Trump move to defund an org like Planned Parenthood, a rise in private donations would theoretically allow it to continue existing without government funds. But of course, people are also giving just because of the strong symbolism of throwing support behind concepts and ideals Trump doesn't support.

So, if you're upset by the outcome of the outcome of the election (and let's be real, half of us are), and feel like you want to do something about it, and now, you can consider donating (either money or time) to an organization that combats your worries or protects what's most important to you.

Fearful for your non-white family and friends? Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) has outposts in most cities across the country and are always actively looking for grassroots members. Money donated to SURJ helps to fund their many outreach programs; time donated helps to corral volunteers, raise funds, and raise awareness.

Upset about disenfranchised voters and gerrymandering? The ACLU is always looking for Freedom Fighters. A gift to the ACLU works to fund their top notch staff fighting inequality everywhere; your time will be used to spread the good word of their work and help with petitioning.

It might feel particularly satisfying right now to join forces with an organization that protects women. RAINN has been doing the job since 1994. Money donated is used to better the lives of women affected by violence; volunteer time is put toward community action or answering hotline calls.

Worried about women's rights and access to services being in jeopardy? Planned Parenthood is at risk of losing funding, despite the necessary care they provide women. Donations made to PP help fund their top-notch programs that make care available to women who otherwise wouldn't have it; your volunteer time can be spend in a number of ways with very little time commitment.