Fully Vaccinated? The CDC Says You Can Travel Again

Image Credit: Vittorio Gravino/iStock/GettyImages

As if boosting herd immunity, getting some measure of normalcy back, and fighting COVID-19 weren't reasons enough to race for a vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced some amazing new findings Friday: If you're fully vaccinated, with either double (Moderna and Pfizer) or single (Johnson & Johnson) doses, you can travel again. It's officially a low-risk activity for fully vaccinated adults.


More specifically, if it's been at least two weeks since your second shot, you're more or less cleared to travel within the United States without self-quarantining or getting tested for coronavirus before and/or after you've traveled. If you're traveling overseas, it's still a good idea to make your return trip after a negative COVID test, especially since we're still learning whether our present vaccines can stave off infections in some of the variants cropping up abroad. In either case, keep observing health precautions and protocols, like wearing masks and social distancing.


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Early in the pandemic, we were already imagining how different modes of transportation might change to accommodate health precautions. Social distancing on airplanes has receded, but the airline industry is still looking for ways to make flying easier on customers. Meanwhile, train enthusiasts are champing at the bit for the proposed new investments in Amtrak from the Biden administration.

There are definitely instances where it's better to consider your alternatives to getting on an airplane, but right now, just the fact that travel will be possible again soon is great news. Being able to travel represents a big spike in our own personal wellbeing, so get saving — and planning.