Your State Loves This Candy the Most

Candy is an all-year love affair, but no matter what the season, we've all got our favorites. No one knows this better than the Candy Store, which sells bulk candy online. Given that they've got 11 years of comprehensive data about our preferences nationwide, they've done the only responsible thing with it: Crunched the numbers and come up with definitive lists about what states like which treats the most.

Americans may spend up to $2.6 billion on candy this Halloween, and one-quarter of those purchases are expected to happen online. What's most important, though, is solidarity — knowing that your state likes the obvious best choice, and everyone else is baffling. Check out the full list for an interactive map and the top three choices for each state.

Alabama: Candy corn (62,067 lbs)

Alaska: Twix (4,995 lbs)

Arizona: Snickers (956,333 lbs)

Arkansas: Jolly Ranchers (241,483 lbs)

California: Skittles (1,620,736 lbs)

Colorado: Twix (5,707 lbs)

Connecticut: Almond Joy (2,598 lbs)

Delaware: Life Savers (20,806 lbs)

District of Columbia: M&Ms (26,865 lbs)

Florida: Snickers (660,689 lbs)

Georgia: Jolly Ranchers (142,983 lbs)

Hawaii: Skittles (275,811 lbs)

Idaho: Candy corn (89,673 lbs)

Illinois: Kit Kat (169,089 lbs)

Indiana: Hot Tamales (100,469 lbs)

Iowa: Candy corn (61,271 lbs)

Kansas: Reese's Cups (245,135 lbs)

Kentucky: Swedish Fish (73,822 lbs)

Louisiana: Lemonheads (108,025 lbs)

Maine: Sour Patch Kids (63,630 lbs)

Maryland: Milky Way (41,128 lbs)

Massachusetts: Sour Patch Kids (78,924 lbs)

Michigan: Candy Corn (150,805 lbs)

Minnesota: Tootsie Pops (202,210 lbs)

Mississippi: 3 Musketeers (115,314 lbs)

Missouri: Milky Way (46,001 lbs)

Montana: Dubble Bubble gum (25,802 lbs)

Nebraska: Salt water taffy (108,819 lbs)

Nevada: Candy corn (339,882 lbs)

New Hampshire: Starburst (67,939 lbs)

New Jersey: Skittles (165,484 lbs)

New Mexico: Candy corn (84,251 lbs)

New York: Sour Patch Kids (203,705 lbs)

North Carolina: M&Ms (101,860 lbs)

North Dakota: Hot Tamales (69,652 lbs)

Ohio: M&Ms (146,478 lbs)

Oklahoma: Dubble Bubble gum (20,583 lbs)

Oregon: Reese's Cups (92,495 lbs)

Pennsylvania: Skittles (302,061 lbs)

Rhode Island: Candy corn (17,704 lbs)

South Carolina: Skittles (118,870 lbs)

South Dakota: Starburst (26,916 lbs)

Tennessee: Tootsie Pops (34,832 lbs)

Texas: Reese's Cups (1,101,040 lbs)

Utah: Jolly Ranchers (483,545 lbs)

Vermont: Milky Way (31,822 lbs)

Virginia: Hot Tamales (160,136 lbs)

Washington: Salt water taffy (220,965 lbs)

West Virginia: Blow Pops (44,123 lbs)

Wisconsin: Butterfinger (118,572 lbs)

Wyoming: Reese's Cups (32,711 lbs)