The iPhone Isn't the Only Apple Product Facing Lawsuits

Apple has not had the banner year it hoped it would, not least because it's been grappling with lawsuits related to battery throttling on the iPhone. That's not even counting the ongoing showdown about letting customers repair their own purchases. Now consumers' ire has spread to another key component of the company's business model: its laptops.

Last week, a law firm filed a class action suit against Apple for defects in their MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. In 2015 and 2016, Apple changed the construction of their keyboards to help make their laptops slimmer and lighter. Users began to notice quite quickly that the new keyboards were sticking and failing at alarmingly high rates. The best-case scenario, that the failure happened while the laptop was within warranty, meant sending your machine away for a week. In the worst case, you'd pay between $400 and $700 for Apple to replace not just one faulty key, but large components of the laptop and its case.

According to the firm, this applies to "[a]ll persons within the United States who purchased, other than for resale, a model year 2015 or later Apple MacBook, or a model year 2016 or later MacBook Pro laptop, equipped with a 'butterfly' keyboard." The suit seeks damages up to and including the cost of replacing an entire high-end laptop for each buyer involved. If you think this applies to you, check out the firm's website to see how to get in touch and whether you qualify. Consultation with one of their consumer protection attorneys is free.