How to Request a Refund in a Letter

In a perfect world, each product and service would work without fail and the word "refund" would have no place in the dictionary. Unfortunately, that's not the case and products and services that don't meet the needs of customers require refunds. When writing a refund letter to a seller, remain professional and courteous if you expect to receive a refund in a timely manner. Calmly explaining why you feel a refund is in order is the best approach.


Step 1

Address the company or person professionally, then immediately explain who you are and your situation.For example, "Dear XX Company, my name is John Smith and I recently purchased a new jacket from you."

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Step 2

Explain why you believe a refund is necessary. Indicate the problems with the service or product, and how it's unfeasible for you to keep the product or continue the service. For example, if you owned an electronic dog collar, you could write: "The collar's prongs have fallen off. I cannot attach the collar to my dog in its current condition and would like a refund."


Step 3

Tell the company or person you have no interest in a replacement. Sellers will often attempt to replace your item or extend your service for free if you are not happy with the product. If you want a cash refund, explicitly state you want a refund, nothing else.

Step 4

Include any laws that guarantee your refund. For example, states generally have laws that protect a tenant's security deposit, should he qualify for a refund.



Step 5

Explain to the seller that you will return the product after your refund is guaranteed, if you're requesting a refund for a physical item.

Step 6

Include your phone number and address at the bottom of the letter. Ask the seller to contact you as soon as possible. Sign the letter and send it.


Step 7

Contact the seller seven to 14 days after sending the letter if you have not received a reply. Call the seller if you have the phone number; otherwise, send another letter.



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