Not Every iPhone Gets That $29 Replacement Battery

As the lawsuits pile up, Apple is finally starting to make amends for throttling iPhone performance in order to save battery life without telling consumers. In a post last week, the manufacturer acknowledged the miscommunication and is now offering a fix. If you have an iPhone 6 or up and it's out of warranty, you can replace the faltering battery for $29 instead of the usual $79.

You may have spotted the catch, however. Any users with older models are fresh out of luck.

Zach Epstein at consumer tech site BGR did some digging and found that even though Apple has also been throttling the iPhone 5s and its predecessors, it's not included in the company's battery replacement plan. The iPhone has a high turnover rate, but given the way its price keeps creeping skyward, not everyone upgrades to the latest version on release day.

Epstein has some good news, though. While Apple will honor its replacement program for the iPhone 6 and up through December 2018, a third-party service is willing to take care of everyone else. Enter iFixit, which helps smartphone owners take repairs into their own hands, with plenty of handholding. The company announced that it too would lower the price on its DIY iPhone replacement kit to $29. This will cover models back through the iPhone 4S, released in 2011.

If the thought of dismembering your iPhone yourself sounds too nerve-wracking, you still have the option of an independent repair shop, but it won't save you as much money. For its part, Apple says it will also be releasing a software update soon that should smooth out some performance issues. No matter how you deal with battery throttling, better to know, at least, than not.