Hey Siri — Why Are There 8 Lawsuits About iPhones Right Now?

For years, skeptics have been telling iPhone users that there's no conspiracy: Your device does not start glitching as soon as Apple announces a new model. But despite the counterclaims, Apple itself recently came out with a surprising admission of guilt. Now it's facing eight lawsuits from angry consumer groups, all of which are seeking class-action status.

In its defense, Apple said that it was working to help iPhone users when it began throttling battery performance to prevent older models from suddenly losing all power and/or frying the phone itself. But the lawsuits allege that Apple actually defrauded buyers with this failsafe. Because there's no knowing at what point Apple decides this battery slowdown should kick in, there's no way of evaluating whether it's necessary or not.

Furthermore, as iPhone batteries have become so hard to replace, the lawsuits accuse Apple of masking a defect in the battery, rather than curing it with a battery replacement. The battery, of course, costs much less to switch out than the entire device itself.

One lawyer involved in the suits has already won a $53 million settlement over Apple's warranty claims, in 2013. The lawsuits aren't even confined to the United States; one has been filed in Israeli courts as well. Those filed in the American system are seeking class-action status in federal district courts in California, New York, and Illinois. Keep an eye on this piece of news — depending on how it goes, if you've owned any iPhone models, you might be eligible to receive some of the damages.